Fear and Loathing in Amsterdam

fear and loathing in amsterdam - flyer

title: Fear and Loathing in Amsterdam
category: progressive promotion
assigned by: Art of noiZ

Art of noiZ - Fear and Loathing in Amsterdam - March 2, 2007

It was somewhere around Buiksloot, across the IJ with the ferry,
when the ground started to shake. My attorney pulled me towards
the dancefloor, where an archaic yet eternal ritual seemed to take
place. A shaman paced the crowd with a mixture of undulating bass,
broken beats, distorted brass and intergalactic cocktail pitchers
filled with multi-layered uppers, downers, all arounders, two dozen
tempo benders, a pint of raw acid, a quart of funk and a case
of Raving Anthems '99.
During a break, the dancing wave froze around us, my attorney
turned abruptly and addressed me: “As your attorney, i advise you
to take a peek into your agenda for Friday next week.”
My mind reliquified. As my verbal sense tried to gather its slippery
self, the next wave rolled onwards and engulfed us in a holosomatic
manifestation of artefactual dance.
“Order some moonboots, otherwise we'll never make it out of this
place alive!” Though sturdily uttered, my words were but a drop of
noise in an ocean of music.


These are the opening lines of the promo for Fear and Loathing in Amsterdam, a party by Art of noiZ. Artwork, names and title are produced by the assignor; all text by Words with Wings.

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* adapted to H. S. Thompson's “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.

Art of Noiz - Tribe of 300

title: Tribe of 300
assigned by: Art of noiZ
category: progressive promotion

Art of Noiz - Tribe of 300 - November 18, 2007

"This is where we dance, this is how we fly!"

a tribe of 300 spiritual beings
sharing a human experience
devoted to soar higher
dedicated to dance

friends, freaks and family
revolving'round the sun,
spinning till eternity
synchronized in trance

Keeping all kith, kin and cattle of previous and present generations
connected after the recent October Reunion, Art of noiZ continues
the psychedelic story at Akhnaton, in the heart of Amsterdam.

This time a larger volume of inner space will be opened up
to allow a tribal assemblage of three hundred partycipants,
inspirally paving the way for a steadily recurring event
- a base from where we will ascend to new peaks
and reach out beyond the limits they lay bare.


These are the opening lines of the promo for Tribe of 300, a party by Art of noiZ. Artwork and names (Art of noiZ, Tribe of 300) are produced by the assignor; all text by Words with Wings.

Art of noiZ - Last Minute Call

title: Last Minute Call
assigned by: Art of noiZ
category: progressive promotion

Art of noiZ - Last Minute Call - April 28, 2007

Casting the plasma when it's white-hot, the Art of Noiz forges a split-second special from a broad-spectrum alloy of omnitimbral material, assembled by an arousing array of globetrotting alchemusical druids. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of blissmatic trance, manifesting itself in the unification of ecstatic music with biotronic dance, expanding the collective psychosonic consciousness. Converge as one for the third gathering of Art Of Noiz, to commence the royal 72 hours of fullblast partytime ahead of us.


These are the opening lines of the promo for Last Minute Call, a party by Art of noiZ. Artwork and names/title are produced by the assignor; all text by Words with Wings.

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Art of noiZ - The Gathering

title: The Gathering
assigned by: Art of noiZ
category: progressive promotion

Art of noiZ - The Gathering - December 30, 2006

Surrounded Surfers of the Transgalactic Wavelength,
Contingents from all corners of the Omniversal Continuum,

on the blazing brink of a New Year inside the Noosphere, you are spirally invited to join The Gathering on the third rock from the Sun.
Assemble as one to participate in the initiation rite of Art Of Noiz, the maiden voyage of a nascent party organisation, recently rooted in Amsterdam.
Prepare for the premiere of an ascending wave of nocturnal entertainment, manifesting to unify electronic music and ecstatic dance. Together we shall share the experience of this explosive combination and open the gateway to a fullblast future, this night and aeons ahead.

United as One, in dance


These are the opening lines of the promo for the first party by Art of noiZ. Artwork and names (Art of noiZ, The Gathering) are produced by the assignor; all text by Words with Wings.

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Galactic Federation Media

category: progressive promotion
assigned by: Galactic Federation Media

Introducing: Galactic Federation Media (GFM)

A group of close friends joins hands and hearts to create a new music label, to share their profound love for music with the rest of the World. While avoiding to follow a trend or to adjust to a style, GFM sharpens the senses to focus on psychedelic trance, world music, downbeats, musica authentica and ambient. Artists connected to GFM will exclusively release their music via the label, whereas the dj's will be deployed to scout throughout the fields for new music from other artists, both established and underground.

GFM release promos

· Nebz Traxxx - “VOODOO”
Years after the release of the notorious Matrix compilation, The Mad Man finally exits the studio to blast all ears with his much anticipated solo album. VOODOO contains six brand new tracks by la.Nebuleuse plus three remixes of music from side projects with Jahbo (Meteloids/Parvati rec), Willy Nocturna & Domi Pastor (both Ibiza) and Anders (Chromosome/Spiral Trax). These bonus remixes are fully reworked by la.Nebuleuse at Mighty Lion Studio 1 & Satellite 2 in Amsterdam. VOODOO provides the broadest view yet inside the mind of la.Nebuleuse and defines his unconventional vision of and raw approach to electronic music, ranging from twisted, uptempo progressive to spaced out psychedelic trance. Do not drive a car or a bike, operate any machinery, or perform any other potentially dangerous activities until you know how this album affects you. VOODOO is pure black magic, without compromise.

· Scrambled - “Seven Sines”
'From seven sins sprout seven sines, like breaking waves from twisting minds.'
- Hagbard Celine, 1975

This album represents the musical log of the journey, set out by two captains on their selfmade vessel, constructed from the core elements of their sonic archives, drifting on a sea of sine waves. Navigating at full throttle, both captains never loose track of direction or turn the engine down one notch. Never cheezy, yet chunky and rich in flavor, Seven Sines is a true psychedelic virtue for the nighttime dancefloor.

· The Well - “Liquidism”
After touring the globe, experimental chillout artists The Well settled down in the studio to edit improvisations of recent performances and construct more tracks from new ideas, to finish all work for their debut album. Though usually creating warm ambiances, The Well sometimes touch a moody side of spheric electronica. Personal ambient - no long, big waves of sound but small and easily paced soundscapes. Dripping like liquid, flowing like water, pouring out from ... The Well.

· V/A - “Cloud Surfing”
A compilation of ambient and world trance music by Steven H*C, the result of the quest to find the optimal crossover between the electronic and the accoustic - music of pure imagination. This release will contain one cd with separate tracks and another cd with a collage of all music on the first, mixed by Steven himself.

· Nebz Traxxx - “Serial Killah”
During the production of VOODOO, Mighty Lion Studio 1 transformed into Satellite 2 and many new tracks sprouted from Nebz’ mental central. Amidst clouds of controlled chaos, under thick layers of disturbed fx, shards of techno are blended with psychedelic trance. No need for any chemical additives or synthetic flavoring - once again, la.Nebuleuse opens his sonic facility to practice his neurotherapy - prepare your brain to get spanked!

This is part of the progressive promotion for Galactic Federation Media or GFM, also spread worldwide via Wirikuta Distribution. Different texts were used for the GFM website. All text by Words with Wings, except all titles and names (own, chosen or given).